Few things scream Southern California than palm trees. I picked up 5 JTT palms that are 3.5 inches tall….I really don’t like palms, so to the rear they go.

I have palm trees

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, there was an N Scale manufacturer here in Central AZ. Western Railcraft is remembered mainly for making difficult to build interurban kits, but they also made resin tenders…I have a bunch of seconds

I was also given some unique tenders

A few months back, I inherited a trio of Rivarossi steamers, all with Vanderbilt tenders. Of the three, the 2-8-2 is the best runner. I was reading the list of Southern Pacific 2-8-2’s, and some came from the purchase of the El Paso and South Western in 1924….hmmm…..started to read the […]

Pondering on Espeefying a Rivarossi Mike…

and I just had to check out how well the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10 works in macro check out all of that sexy lettering

Just got a new phone

I scanned in the walls of the old Sudyam kit into my computer, then I scaled the images to 55%. I then printed it out on heavy cardstock. I then cut out the walls and used them as a template on my brick sheet. I then used a new #11 […]

Started Working on Substation 12