Yearly Archives: 2011

puttied the nose, easy, touch up paint,easy, adding BLMA’s great, well designed cab sunshades….hell. Craig Martin did a great job with these, I did not….pic’s to come of the GP35 after renumbering….

new level of hell…

So I got a new domain, The current URL of will still work March, so don’t worry about it failing soon. I have successfully converted the WordPress blog over to the new domain, I have gone through the database and all images are now resolving correctly. I have […]

new URL

So I have been scared to do a nose job, but wow, it was REAL easy!  The first thing I did was take a really sharp pencil to draw lines on the nos to have an idea for the area needed for the notch in the nose. I took a […]

GP35R Rhinoplasty