These thin walls are a &%*$# to work with, but it is coming along. I decided to build it without the tank and extend the roof to the full length of the main building.


I think that I need Love Potion no. 9. Working with this old Period Miniatures kit has been a challenge for me. I am going to need to do some creative bracing on the inside. The wood was a lot more brittle and dryer than I was expecting. Since I […]

It Smelled Like Turpentine, it Looked Like India Ink

I would like to thank Volkmar of for using his 3d printer for making N Scale trolley poles! These are articulated and both can be up or down! They are very affordable and installation was very simple. Simply put a 1mm (or for us stupid Americans who still use […]

A different type of pole…

Recently I inherited a couple of locomotives, freight cars and two out of production craftsman kits. Among them was a Period Miniatures Berghoff Brewery kit, that appears to be missing the window glazing. Does it fit in to the Southern California scene? Does it look like it can produce a […]

Period Miniatures Berghoff Brewery Build…

A lost Siskiyou Southern train somehow made it to Playa Desnuda from the almost great State of Jefferson…who knows how…. The truth is that Scott Mangold passed away in June and I inherited Siskiyou Southern 1, 2 and 3. They are a Rivarossi Light Pacific, a Heavy Pacific and a […]

The Siskiyou Southern is really far south…

I have been looking at other layouts and been considering a change to my fascia. It has been a tan since the very beginning Some layouts look great with a black fascia… But I am not sure about black, maybe a dark brown? my artistic daughter looked at the shelves […]

Trying out new fascia colors